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Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethical sourcing
Lextia has a responsibility to our supply partners, customers, colleagues and shareholders to ensure that the products are produced in acceptable conditions and in an ethical way. This responsibility is major to how we operate as a business. Lextia takes its responsibilities for the ethical treatment of workers very seriously. Sustainable and significant change is an achievable goal if we work in collaboration with other companies, such as manufacturers. Ethical trade is a challenge. We are putting a framework in place that will enable us to improve continuously.

The Lextia Ethical Code of Conduct
Key principles:
1. Compliance with local laws
2. Working conditions are safe and hygienic
3. Child labor are not be used
4. Employment is freely chosen
5. No discrimination occurs
6. Living wages are paid
7. Working hours are not excessive
8. Regular employment is provided
9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed
10. Communication and supervision
11. Environment Protection

How we implement the Ethical Code of Conduct
Similar to many other fine products, as part of the Lextia ethical trade programme, we have mapped all the suppliers and factories we use, and engaged a leading independent social audit company to inspect them on our behalf. A report is made on each one indicating where the factory complies or does not comply with each of the provisions of our Code of Conduct.
Where there is non-compliance, we set targets and action plans for improvement, and work alongside our supplier to help them get their factory up to the correct standard. If in the unlikely event that a supplier refuses to co-operate with us, we reserve the right to stop working with that factory. We prefer to help suppliers improve standards, as this is of more direct benefit to workers. Our technical team makes regular visits to our supplier factories, where they follow up on the audit reports in a face to face
meeting. Our technical team and Corporate Social Responsibility team have been trained in social auditing to allow them to understand the issues and assist factory managers in making improvements.

Animal welfare
Lextia wants fashion to be cruelty free. The use of fur or endangered animal skin is not permitted in Lextia brand products. We require our suppliers to guarantee that leather or skin products do not come from endangered species, and are produced ethically and without cruelty.